MOCSPEED steering wheel spinner
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It's not only what you drive. It's also how you drive it!


*** Patented Design *** Made In USA 100% ***



The History of this device in America dates back to the 1950’s when people would use it to drift their cars and perhaps overturned.  Hence, the nickname Suicide Knobs.  It was also popularly known as Brody/Brodie Knobs, which is a reference to Mr. Steve Brodie who was a stunt/dare devil in the 1880’s.  Some called them Necker Knobs, because they allow you to “neck” your sweetheart while driving with one hand…LOL!  More modern names include Power Handle/Knob and Steering Wheel Spinner (our favorite :)


New cars & NEW SPINNERS for the new millennium! However, if you're in U.S. please check your city laws before purchase as some areas are restricted to off-road usages only.  This spinner can be detached easily in case you get a fix-it ticket (no cost).  According to, it is LEGAL for use in private vehicles for all 50 states.  Like anything...if you respect its power, then you should be fine.  So let's put the fun back into our rides!



cushiony rubber knob
metal ball bearings
metal clamp & base (hidden)
stainless steel screw & nut
protective felt tapes
snap on/off clear cap


This is an attachable rubber knob easily mounted to the steering wheel of a car. It has a cushiony yet sturdy feel outside and a strong metal clamping system inside. You can customize the look by placing a photo/image underneath its clear cap which snaps on/off.


The spinner provides quick and effortless turning with just one hand and in one comfortable position at all times. It's ideal for cornering, parking in tight spaces, and looking cool while steering more efficiently with just a palm!


Please check out our videos, then post/tag yours to our Facebook/Instagram pages :)


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